Fixing slow shutter speed problems on a Miranda Sensomat

I have recently been increasing my collection of Miranda vintage cameras and along with a few other models I’ve acquired two Sensomat RE models and both of them had the same problem – at slow shutter speeds (i.e. between 1/8 and 1 sec) the mirror flips up but the operation didn’t complete and the mirror is left up and the shutter open. What I found is that the shutter mechanism was basically dried up and sticking and this is a […]

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Cleaning the focusing screen on a Miranda Sensorex

My recently acquired Miranda Sensorex has a few of issues which I need to put right including re-greasing the lens and some general clean up and lubrication but the first issue I wanted to address was the muck and dirt on the focusing screen. I wanted to look at this first because it was really bad and made trying to focus a difficult task. I had already cleaned the screen on my Miranda Fv although that was in a much […]

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Repairing and cleaning a Miranda TTL viewfinder – part 1.

I recently bought a Miranda FV 35mm SLR camera which has a TTL metered viewfinder fitted. I got the camera quite cheaply, because the viewfinder is marked and dull but I thought I would look at what, if anything, I could do to get the viewfinder repaired and working again. At first I thought the major problem with the marking in the viewfinder was caused by a leaking battery because the biggest pitted area is just below the battery compartment […]

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