Minolta X-300 35mm SLR

A review of a classic 35mm film camera – the Minolta X-300 fitted with the Minolta 50mm f/1.7 lens.

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Minolta 7000 sample pictures

I’ve updated my Minolta 7000 post with the pictures from the camera but for the purposes of being thorough I’ve written this post to publish the Minolta 7000 sample pictures. I have to say that I’m disappointed with the processing of the film; I think the next time I shoot film I will pay a bit more and try a proper processing service rather than the local Tesco! Minolta 7000 sample pictures.

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Minolta 7000 auto focus camera

This is a post about another of my vintage camera collection, the Minolta 7000 (also known as the Maxxum 7000), which I acquired from eBay UK for about £9. Minolta 7000 Images Minolta 7000 Description. The Minolta 7000 was introduced by Minolta in about 1985 and is a 35 mm film SLR. In a similar way to my Minolta Dynax 5, this seems to be a very advanced camera for it’s day. There are several exposure modes, a neat in-built […]

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Minolta Dynax 5 first photos.

I’ve got my first roll of film developed from my Minolta Dynax 5. I’ve updated my original post with the samples. Click the photo for the link to the original post – the samples are at the bottom.

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Minolta Dynax 5 autofocus camera

This is a review of the Minolta Dynax 5, one of the last 35mm film, autofocus single lens reflex cameras made by Minolta before they moved to digital cameras. Minolta Dynax 5 Images As I implied above, it doesn’t seem correct to call the Dynax 5 a vintage camera because it is in the ‘last film camera’ class before Minolta moved to digital camera production. Of course Minolta, as a camera manufacturer has gone now, having been sold to Konica […]

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