Kowa SE lens re-greasing

This is the final post in the series about the repairs I carried out on my Kowa SE fixed lens SLR. In the last part I had successfully cleaned the aperture blades and re-assembled the aperture into the lens mount. Now I needed to clean and re-assemble the rest of the lens and this post covers the Kowa SE lens re-greasing. Because the lens had a lot of old oily grease in the helicoid and focus ring threads, I got […]

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Kowa SE lens & aperture repair

After the strip down of my Kowa SE shutter and body, and the discovery that at least part of the problem is with the aperture assembly, the next stage in getting the camera fully working was to try to get access to the aperture blades to see why they weren’t properly opening. This post therefore covers the Kowa SE lens & aperture repair. From my initial assessment from the outside the lens, it looked as if at least one of […]

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Kowa SE strip down – part one.

Last week I received a Kowa SE 35mm fixed lens slr which had a few problems. Basically, when the film advance was wound the mirror moved to the up position and the viewfinder blanked out. After a further bit of playing about with the camera I also found that something is stopping the aperture blades from fully opening. I suspect that one of the blades has a pin broken, so I decided to have a look and see if I […]

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Kowa SE 35mm SLR

This Kowa SE 35mm camera is the first Kowa model I’ve added to my vintage camera collection. It’s a leaf shutter, fixed lens single lens reflex camera made in the early 1960s. Kowa SE Images My Kowa SE Camera. I bought this camera for £10 from eBay, chiefly because I didn’t have any Kowa models and I was interested to see what it would be like. As it turned out, £10 was possibly too much to pay because the unit […]

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