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Removing the shutter from a Retina IIc 35mm rangefinder

In my last post I described how I removed the top cover from my recently acquired Kodak Retina IIc 35mm rangefinder in order to remove dust particles and check the condition of the cocking rack. In this post I’m going to describe how I removed the lens rear element for cleaning, and also removed the shutter assembly so I can clean the shutter and get the camera’s slow speeds working again. Kodak Retina IIc shutter Images As with the top […]

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Kodak Retina IIc top cover removal

This afternoon I took the top cover off my Retina IIc 35mm rangefinder camera and I just wanted to publish some pictures to help anyone who needed to do the same operation. Although it was an easy job, I always think it is easier if you know what is under the cover before you take it off, so these pictures may be useful to someone. Removing the top cover was very easy. The film rewind is removed by holding the […]

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Kodak Retina IIc 35mm rangefinder camera

The Kodak Retina IIc 35mm rangefinder camera was one model of a long line of cameras which Kodak made from the mid 1930’s through to the late 1950’s. It was one of the later models, and was made in the mid to late 1950’s. Kodak Retina IIc Images My Kodak Retina IIc Camera I bought this camera to increase my somewhat limited Kodak Retina collection. Since I only had a Retina IIa prior to this purchase I doubled my collection with […]

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Kodak Retinette 35mm folding camera

The Kodak Retinette series was a simplified and cheaper version of the Kodak Retina camera and was made between 1939 and 1966 during which time the design changed from a folding to a solid frame camera. The version in this post is a Retinette type 017, which was the last folding version made. Kodak Retinette Images My Kodak Retinette Camera I bought this camera a few weeks ago in an untested condition for £10. The cosmetic condition is quite reasonable for […]

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Kodak Retina IIa 35mm rangefinder folding camera

This is the first part of my review of the Kodak Retina IIa 35mm rangefinder camera. I’ll cover the use of the camera and show some sample pictures in the next part – in this part I’m going to describe the Retina and also my particular copy. Kodak Retina IIa Images My Kodak Retina IIa Camera I wanted to buy a Retina ever since I stumbled across Chris Sherlock’s retinarescue.com site a few months ago. I would recommend any camera collector visit […]

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Kodak Brownie reflex samples and shooting experiences

A week or so ago I bought a pair of Kodak Brownie Reflex vintage cameras and found one had a reel of  partially exposed 127 film in. A couple of days ago I took the camera with me as I went for a walk round the town, and these are my experiences of shooting with it and the Kodak brownie reflex samples I obtained. As I described in my descriptive post about the cameras, I had to transfer the roll […]

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Kodak Brownie reflex review

This is the first part of my review of one of Kodak’s very popular cameras from the early 1950’s – the Kodak Brownie Reflex. In this part I describe the camera and my reasons for buying it, in the second part I cover my experiences of shooting with it and show some sample pictures. Kodak Brownie Reflex Images My Kodak Brownie Reflex Camera I bought this camera for two reasons, both nostalgic. First I have a book called ‘Boys book […]

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Kodak Instamatic 300 camera

This Kodak instamatic 300 is another camera I picked up in a Loughborough charity shop last weekend – this one for the princely sum of £1-50. I primarily bought it because I remember my Brother using one on family holidays in the 1960’s. I remember him using the Instamatic as my Dad used his Boots Beirette and how we used to view the resulting colour slides when they returned from processing a week or so later. Kodak Instamatic 300 Images My […]

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Kodak Brownie Twin 20 camera

This Kodak Brownie Twin 20 is probably the oldest camera I own, and also one of the simplest. It’s a 620 roll film box type camera which was made by Kodak in England sometime between about 1959 and 1964. Kodak Brownie Twin 20 Images The Kodak Brownie Twin 20 is a family snap-shot style camera which was sold in the millions and was a logical design progression from the box camera. There is a simple single speed shutter, an aperture […]

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