A move to Fuji mirror-less

A few months ago I decided that I was going to replace my rather old Sony Nex 6 model with a new mirror-less camera and started saving so I could buy it. The obvious choices to replace it would be the new Sony A6300 or the Sony A7 full frame camera, but in the end I went for what may seem an odd choice, another APS-C sensor camera – the Fuji X-T1. These pictures can also be viewed in full […]

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Fujica 35-SE 35mm rangefinder camera

The Fujica 35-SE is a 35mm rangefinder camera which was made in Japan by the Fuji Photo Film co in about 1959. Fujica 35-SE images My Fujica 35-SE Camera I bought this camera for only a few pounds from eBay, mostly because it looked a bit more interesting than the majority of 35mm rangefinder cameras I own. When I received it from the seller I discovered a camera which had only one cosmetic problem, and a number of mechanical issues. […]

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Fujica stx-1, Fomapan 200 and Caffenol C-M

Another attempt to develop black & white film with caffenol

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Fujica STX-1 35mm slr camera

A review of an entry level 35mm slr from the 1970’s – the fujica stx-1.

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