Edixa Reflex D strip down

As I said in another post earlier today I recently acquired an Edixa Reflex D 35mm SLR to join my vintage camera collection but discovered that the shutter assembly wasn’t working properly. The shutter release button seemed to jam and feel ‘gritty’ when pressed and the shutter operation was not at all reliable. I decided to have a go at stripping the camera down to see if I could find the cause so I took pictures along the way as […]

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Edixa Reflex D 35mm slr camera

This is another Edixa 35mm slr camera, the Edixa Reflex D, which is very similar in appearance to the other Edixa models in my collection. One thing that is a bit different from those cameras however is the method by which I acquired it. Normally I buy my vintage cameras from eBay, but this one was bought from another secondhand site called preloved.co.uk. Edixa Reflex D Images I found it by doing a search on the site for edixa and […]

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Edixa-Mat Reflex B slr camera

This is a review of the Edixa-Mat Reflex B, an early 35mm single lens reflex camera manufactured by the Wirgin company in Germany in about 1960. Edixa-Mat Reflex B Images My Edixa-Mat Reflex B camera This is my second Edixa camera and is quite similar in appearance to my Edixa flex, although the actual mechanics are a bit different and slightly more advanced. In many ways I bought this camera to see how it compared to my Edixa flex and […]

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Edixa flex 35mm SLR camera

This is a review of the Edixa Flex, a nice and quite old 35mm slr camera which I acquired a few days ago from eBay uk. The camera was made around about 1958 by the German manufacturer Wirgin and has quite a high feature set for a camera of it’s age. For example, the viewfinder and focusing screens are replaceable, and the shutter release button has a lock to prevent it being accidentally fired. Edixa Flex Images My Edixa Flex […]

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