Chinon CX 35mm slr camera review

This is my review of the Chinon CX 35mm SLR made by Chinon in Japan in about 1974. Chinon CX Images My Chinon CX Camera I was lucky enough to be given this camera by my cousin Therese and her husband Mike when we met up for a family reunion over the summer. They discovered that I am a vintage camera collector and kindly donated this camera and some vintage lenses which are in pristine condition – thanks to them […]

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Chinon CE-4 35mm slr camera

This Chinon CE-4 camera is one I found in a charity shop on a recent trip to visit family in Loughborough. It was in a large box of other  photographic paraphernalia and was priced at £7 so, although the shutter was locked, I bought it because of two reasons. First the lens is probably worth £7 and secondly when I turned the rewind knob I could feel tension so there was obviously still a film in it! I have had […]

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Chinon CS 35mm slr camera

This is a Chinon CS 35mm film slr fitted with a Chinon 50mm f/1.7 lens which was made in Japan sometime in the 1970’s. I remember the Chinon camera range being sold in the Dixons high street chain along with Miranda (made by Cosina – not the real Miranda) and Prinzflex (which was a Zenit), and I remember them being towards the top of the Dixon’s line up. Admittedly, top of the range in Dixon’s line up is not necessarily […]

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Chinon 35 EE rangefinder camera

I’ve bought quite a few small 35mm rangefinder cameras lately, and this is the newest one I’ve acquired – a Chinon 35 EE. Chinon 35 EE Images Chinon 35 EE description This camera was made in about 1976 by Chinon and was also available as the Vivitar 35EE and was sold by Dixons in the UK as a Prinz 35E. It is a fully automatic exposure, small rangefinder camera of a type very common in the 1970’s. With quick loading, […]

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