Canon PowerShot A40 digital camera

The subject of this short article is one of Canon’s early ventures into digital photography, the PowerShot A40 compact camera. This 2Mp, compact, zoom camera was made in about 2002 and offered a range of features for both the holiday snapshot photographer and the more advanced user. Canon PowerShot A40 Images My Canon PowerShot A40 I’ve had my copy of the PowerShot A40 for a number of months now having bought it when I became interested in vintage digital cameras […]

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Canon EOS 50E 35mm auto-focus camera

The Canon EOS 50e is a high quality, auto focus, 35mm film camera made by Canon in Japan in the late 1990’s. It has some innovative and interesting features, including setting the auto focus points by detecting where the photographer is looking in a scene! Canon EOS 50e Images My Canon EOS 50E Camera. I paid £8:50 for this camera as a body-only purchase from a business on eBay that specializes in camera sales. In fact, that isn’t completely accurate, […]

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Canon Canonet 35mm rangefinder

This Canon Canonet, made in about 1961, is most notable because it looks a bit upside down compared to most cameras. The film rewind and advance are both mounted on the bottom of the camera leaving the top plate with just the shutter release, frame counter and an inset hot shoe. Canon Canonet Images My Canon Canonet Camera Although I’m not a great fan of Canon cameras generally, an exception to that is the rangefinder series, so when I found […]

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Vintage camera collection – Canon T70

This is a brief post about the Canon T70 35mm SLR, which I purchased from eBay UK for £11.50 about 9 months ago. Canon T70 Images Canon T70 Description This camera was the second in canon’s T series of manual focus, 35mm SLR’s following on from the T50. It was introduced by Canon in about 1984 and was considered to be an advanced camera in it’s day being one of the first cameras to include a micro-processor to control the […]

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Camdiox Canon EOS to Sony Nex focal reducer review

In this post I’m going to review my reasons for purchasing a focal reducer and give my assessment of the performance of the Camdiox unit. What is a focal reducer? When I was a teenager (quite a few years ago now I’m sorry to say) I used to own an add-on lens called a tele-convertor which fitted behind any lens on my Zenit B slr and doubled the focal length of the lens. I used it with an inexpensive telephoto […]

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