Bronica ETRsi Sample photos on Portra 160 film

I bought my Bronica ETRsi medium format camera a couple of weeks before Christmas last year and as I’ve just developed my first roll of Portra 160 Colour film exposed in it I thought I would use this post to highlight the Bronica ETRsi sample photos. Bronica ETRsi sample photos Although I’ve developed a couple of 35mm colour films before, this is the first roll of medium format film, and the first roll of Portra I’ve developed, so I was […]

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Bronica ETRsi first film

This morning I developed the first film I put through my Bronica ETRsi medium format SLR and scanned the negatives. Because it’s winter and I wasn’t sure how much light there would be I chose a fast film (HP5) and developed it in Ilford ID11 developer at a dilution of 1+1. The total development time was 13 minutes at 20°C and then another 15 min in the fixer. The first thing I noticed as I pulled the film from the […]

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New medium format camera – Bronica ETRsi

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about which medium format camera to buy myself for a Christmas present. At the time I had narrowed my choice down to a few models and was deciding which I should settle on. Well, after a lot of deliberation, internet research, pouring over specs and countless online searches for second-hand cameras, I finally made a decision and a couple of days ago I bought a Bronica ETRsi 645 format camera. Bronica ETRsi Images […]

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