Bell & Howell 200EE 16mm cine camera

The Bell & Howell 200EE cine camera is a clockwork driven, multi speed movie camera which takes a 16mm film cartridge and will run for up to 25 seconds on a single wind. Bell & Howell 200EE Images My Bell & Howell 200EE Camera To be honest I bought this 16mm cine camera as a pure impulse buy because I saw it for only £0.99 as a starting bid and saw that it had a cartridge of 16mm film in it […]

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Bell & Howell 624 8mm movie camera review

The is a review of an 8mm movie camera which was very popular in the 1960s – the Bell & Howell 624. Bell & Howell 624 Images My Bell & Howell 624 Camera I bought this camera for purely nostalgic reasons. I remember my Dad having one very similar in the early 1960s which he used to take family movies. It was a real treat the day a film came back from processing and we could all gather together in the […]

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