Balda Baldamatic I 35 mm rangefinder

The Balda Baldamatic I 35mm rangefinder is an improved version of the Balda Baldessa rangefinder with a coupled rangefinder, coupled light-meter and a Synchro Compur shutter. Balda Baldamatic I Images My Balda Baldamatic Camera I bought this camera as a complete kit with the flash shown in the pictures, a light-meter, various add on extras such as filters, leads etc all in a 1960s brown leather camera case for about £6. I bought it because I was impressed with the look […]

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Balda Baldessa 1B rangefinder camera

The Balda Baldessa 1B is a 35mm coupled rangefinder camera with built in light meter and a rather unusual focus control and film advance placement. It was made in about 1958 (as I was oddly enough) and has a rather nice, curvy feel. Balda Baldessa 1B Images My Balda Baldessa 1B Camera I paid a few pounds for this camera a couple of months ago and bought it as a non working unit so I could get some practice with my […]

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