Agfa Ambi Silette film advance strip down

A couple of weeks ago, I managed to pick up a camera which I’d been on the look out for for quite a while, an Agfa Ambi Silette 35mm rangefinder. The camera was sold as ‘not guaranteed working’ and that turned out to be quite accurate because it certainly wasn’t working when I tried it! I’ll go into more details in the article but, as a heads up, this post covers the Ambi Silette film advance strip down. The first […]

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Agfa Ambi Silette rangefinder camera

This is a review of the Agfa Ambi Silette 35mm interchangeable lens rangefinder camera which was a very desirable camera when it was introduced into the Agfa range in the late 1950s. Agfa Ambi Silette Images My Ambi Silette Camera I’ve wanted to get an Ambi Silette since I saw one when I was doing some research on my original Silette camera which I bought last year. Unfortunately they are not very common, and are normally overpriced, so it’s taken […]

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Agfa Super Silette L rangefinder camera

This is a review of the Agfa Super Silette L 35mm rangefinder camera made in Germany in about 1958. Agfa Super Silette L Images My Agfa Super Silette L Camera This was a camera I bought simply because is seemed to be a bargain. I found it for £4.99 described as “Agfa Camera ? Optima model”, but I could see from the pictures that it was a Super Silette L. I did some research and found the the Super models […]

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Agfa Isolette V (Jsolette)

I’ve been thinking lately about the cameras my Dad used to collect and I used to play with when I was a boy – quite a lot of them were box cameras and most of the rest were folding cameras. I suspect in that large collection he must have had an example of the subject of this post, which is an Agfa Isolette V. Agfa Isolette V Images My Agfa Isolette V Camera. This is another eBay purchase which I […]

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Agfa silette 35mm viewfinder camera

This is a review of the Agfa Silette type 5 viewfinder camera which was manufactured by Agfa in Germany in about 1958. Agfa Silette Images My Agfa Silette Camera When I bought the camera from eBay for £5, there were no clues as to it’s model because the seller simply described it as an ‘old agfa camera’, but I assumed by the (rather blurred) picture that it was a rangefinder, because of the two windows at the top. When I […]

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