The rangefinder camera type category is for cameras which use a split image rangefinder to set the focus. In these cameras, a dial is adjusted to bring two parts of an image into alignment at the point where the subject is situated.

In some cases the rangefinder is coupled to the focusing system of the camera, so as the rangefinder is adjusted the focus is set, and in some cases the rangefinder is used to set the focus distance on a scale, which is then applied to the camera’s focus adjustment.

Olympus 35 ECR rangefinder camera

The Olympus 35 ECR is a fully automatic, 35mm film camera with a fixed 42mm f/2.8 lens and rangefinder focusing aid which was produced by Olympus in the early 1970s. Camera Images My Olympus 35 ECR I was given my copy of the Olympus 35 ECT by a fellow camera collector, with a note explaining that there were some problems with it. To be honest, that was a couple of years ago now and I can’t remember exactly what is […]

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An index of camera types

This post is meant to be an index of camera types which have been produced over the last hundred or so years. It will be added to as I get time and as I acquire new examples of the different types in my collection. Viewfinder camera The viewfinder camera, of the type show to the left, is a basic camera which was normally sold as a snapshot camera. The actual name ‘viewfinder camera’ just refers to the fact that the […]

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Stripping down a Beauty Beaumat rangefinder camera

A couple of weeks ago I picked up a Beauty Beaumat rangefinder camera from eBay which had a variety of faults. Today I decided to see if it was repairable and so this post covers the procedure I used whilst stripping down a Beauty Beaumat. Striping down a Beauty Beaumat Images. Normally in these type of posts I would write a description of what I did and try to point out any particular areas of difficulty to look out for […]

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Beauty Beaumat 35mm camera.

The Beauty Beaumat is a 35mm rangefinder camera with a few rather interesting features which set it aside from some of the more ‘run of the mill’ rangefinder cameras which were produced around the same time, which was about 1960. Images of the Beauty Beaumat My Beauty Beaumat Camera I bought the Beauty Beaumat because I’d not seen one before, and it seems to be one of the more exotic models. It was bought from eBay for a few pounds from […]

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FED 3 35mm rangefinder camera

The Fed 3 is a 35mm rangefinder camera made in the Ukraine in the mid 1960s and designed to be similar in style to a Leica but with a price tag which made it much more affordable to the average person. Fed 3 Images My Fed 3 camera I bought this camera for a few pounds from eBay uk simply to add to my collection of rangefinder cameras. It was ‘sold as seen’ with no guarantee that it worked, but […]

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Agfa Karat IV 35mm rangefinder camera

The Agfa Karat IV was the final iteration of the Karat design and probably the most impressive of the line up. The cartridge film system of the early models was dropped in favour of the standard 35mm film cassette, and the Compur shutter replaced with a Prontor-SVS shutter. The camera still retained some of the best features of the Karat series however, such as the collapsing lens system, relatively small body size and improved rangefinder. Agfa Karat IV Images My […]

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Balda Baldamatic I 35 mm rangefinder

The Balda Baldamatic I 35mm rangefinder is an improved version of the Balda Baldessa rangefinder with a coupled rangefinder, coupled light-meter and a Synchro Compur shutter. Balda Baldamatic I Images My Balda Baldamatic Camera I bought this camera as a complete kit with the flash shown in the pictures, a light-meter, various add on extras such as filters, leads etc all in a 1960s brown leather camera case for about £6. I bought it because I was impressed with the look […]

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Balda Baldessa 1B rangefinder camera

The Balda Baldessa 1B is a 35mm coupled rangefinder camera with built in light meter and a rather unusual focus control and film advance placement. It was made in about 1958 (as I was oddly enough) and has a rather nice, curvy feel. Balda Baldessa 1B Images My Balda Baldessa 1B Camera I paid a few pounds for this camera a couple of months ago and bought it as a non working unit so I could get some practice with my […]

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Kodak Retina IIc 35mm rangefinder camera

The Kodak Retina IIc 35mm rangefinder camera was one model of a long line of cameras which Kodak made from the mid 1930’s through to the late 1950’s. It was one of the later models, and was made in the mid to late 1950’s. Kodak Retina IIc Images My Kodak Retina IIc Camera I bought this camera to increase my somewhat limited Kodak Retina collection. Since I only had a Retina IIa prior to this purchase I doubled my collection with […]

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Argus C4 35mm rangefinder camera

The Argus C4 is a 35mm rangefinder camera which was made in the United States in the 1950s and although not as popular in Europe as in the States, there were enough made that it is relatively easy to find a copy here. Argus C4 Images My Argus C4 Camera I paid £5-50 for my non working copy hoping to be able to repair it and restore it to it’s former glory. When I received it I found that it […]

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Yashica J 35mm rangefinder camera

The Yashica J is a 35mm rangefinder camera made in about 1961. It is of fairly simple construction with a limited range of settings and is fitted with a 45mm f/2.8 Yashinon lens. Yashica J Images My Camera I paid only a couple of pounds for this camera from eBay and bought it simply to add to my Yashica 35mm collection. When I received it I found a camera in just about perfect cosmetic condition with hardly a mark on […]

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Fujica 35-SE 35mm rangefinder camera

The Fujica 35-SE is a 35mm rangefinder camera which was made in Japan by the Fuji Photo Film co in about 1959. Fujica 35-SE images My Fujica 35-SE Camera I bought this camera for only a few pounds from eBay, mostly because it looked a bit more interesting than the majority of 35mm rangefinder cameras I own. When I received it from the seller I discovered a camera which had only one cosmetic problem, and a number of mechanical issues. […]

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Agfa Ambi Silette rangefinder camera

This is a review of the Agfa Ambi Silette 35mm interchangeable lens rangefinder camera which was a very desirable camera when it was introduced into the Agfa range in the late 1950s. Agfa Ambi Silette Images My Ambi Silette Camera I’ve wanted to get an Ambi Silette since I saw one when I was doing some research on my original Silette camera which I bought last year. Unfortunately they are not very common, and are normally overpriced, so it’s taken […]

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Agfa Super Silette L rangefinder camera

This is a review of the Agfa Super Silette L 35mm rangefinder camera made in Germany in about 1958. Agfa Super Silette L Images My Agfa Super Silette L Camera This was a camera I bought simply because is seemed to be a bargain. I found it for £4.99 described as “Agfa Camera ? Optima model”, but I could see from the pictures that it was a Super Silette L. I did some research and found the the Super models […]

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Taron Eyemax 35mm rangefinder camera

This is a review of the Taron Eyemax, an early 35mm rangefinder camera made in about 1961. Taron Eyemax Images My Taron Eyemax Camera I saw this camera on eBay and was interested in it for a couple of reasons. Initially, because I have two other Taron cameras and I always like to add new examples to a make I already have but mostly because it is a distinctive looking camera. In fact when I found it on eBay it […]

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