Canon PowerShot A40 digital camera

The subject of this short article is one of Canon’s early ventures into digital photography, the PowerShot A40 compact camera. This 2Mp, compact, zoom camera was made in about 2002 and offered a range of features for both the holiday snapshot photographer and the more advanced user. Canon PowerShot A40 Images My Canon PowerShot A40 I’ve had my copy of the PowerShot A40 for a number of months now having bought it when I became interested in vintage digital cameras […]

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Nikon Coolpix SQ digital camera

The Nikon Coolpix SQ was one of the last in the Coolpix series of cameras to feature the split body design where the lens unit can be rotated about an axis with the display unit. My copy was purchased as a rather battered, but still functional camera, and in this post I discuss it’s design and the main feature set. Nikon Coolpix SQ images My Nikon Coolpix SQ camera My Nikon Coolpix SQ was purchased from eBay for the sum […]

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Ricoh R1v Sample pictures

A few days ago I posted an article reviewing my Ricoh R1v digital compact camera and today I’m going to add to that post by describing my experiences of shooting with it, and show some Ricoh R1v sample pictures. First, for the impatient, here are the pictures. Ricoh R1v sample pictures In order to try the Ricoh R1v out, I took a walk around the old town area of Stevenage this morning and used the camera in the way it […]

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Ricoh Caplio R1v digital compact camera

I’ve had a soft spot for the Ricoh Caplio range of digital cameras for a while now, so I was really pleased to pick up a Ricoh Caplio R1v as part of a bundle purchase of cameras recently. It is a small, fully automatic, 5Mp  snap shot camera dating from about 2005 with several interesting features which are typical of the Ricoh range. Ricoh Caplio R1v Images My Ricoh Caplio R1v Camera As I said above I managed to pick […]

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Ricoh RDC-7 Image capturing device

The Ricoh RDC-7 is a very early, 3 Megapixel digital camera produced by Ricoh with quite an interesting and novel design. Ricoh RDC-7 Images My Ricoh RDC-7 Camera My Ricoh RDC-7 was bought as a complete kit with two batteries, a soft case, the original CDs with software, the charger & external power supply and a 64M smart media card. The seller sold it a spares or repair because when he tested it the exposure seemed to be over exposed. […]

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