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    Vintage Kalimar exposure meter

    Occasionally when I purchase a vintage camera for my collection there are other bits-n-pieces which accompany it and this post features one of those accessories – the Kalimar Exposure meter. In the age of early film photography, when cameras weren’t equipped with built in means of measuring the amount of light available to take a picture, most serious photographers would have carried a small exposure meter with them. In fact it was probably the most important part of their kit...
  • Light Meters

    A handful of Gossen light meters

    The latest additions to my vintage camera collection are not cameras at all, but a couple of light meters. I have the Gossen Sixtomat which was a popular model in the 1950s, and a Gossen Sixtino, a very small neat unit which was made about 1960. Both of these cost about £1 to buy from eBay UK. Pictures of the Gossen Sixtomat Description of the Gossen Sixtomat Light Meter The Sixtomat unit is fitted in a tight-fitting leather case with...
  • Light Meters

    Some very useful photographers accessories – the Weston Light meter

    Another in my series about my vintage camera collection, but this time something a bit different. It’s not a camera, but a Weston light meter. In fact, two Weston light meters – a Weston Master II and a Weston Master III. Pictures of the Weston Light meter This gallery shows pictures of both the Weston Light Meters These Weston Light Meters are similar to the vintage lenses in my collection in that they are still useful and still fulfil the...

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