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Camera sample photos 1
Leaf patterns
When we recently went to CentreParcs Woburn Forest I took a couple of film cameras along to experiment with film
Ricoh GXR A12 28mm sample pictures - Cars on the street
I wrote recently about the new sensor units I bought from China for my Ricoh GXR camera body and followed
Soligor 200mm f/3.5 samples - The moon in early evening
The Soligor 200mm f/3.5 lens which is the subject for this post is quite an easy lens to pick up
Optomax 35mm f/3.5 sample pictures - Spring blossom
This post covers using this vintage lens, an Optomax 35mm f/3.5 preset, on a modern digital mirrorless camera. The lens
Vivitar 28 - 85mm F/3.5-4.5 MC Macro Focusing Zoom sample - crocus
This is a review of the Vivitar 28-85mm compact, variable aperture zoom lens when used on a Sony Nex camera. The
Nikon F80 sample photographs - Angels at Stagedoor
A couple of weeks ago I bought a Nikon F80 to use as a film camera when I'm out with
Pentax-M SMC 80-200mm f/4.5 zoom lens sample picture - Cropped blackbird
This is a review of the Pentax-M SMC 80-200mm f/4.5 zoom lens in K mount when used on a Sony
Pentax MZ-50 sample pictures - How far
A couple of weeks ago I got a Pentax MZ-50 35mm slr as a new addition to my vintage camera
Caffenol sample picture - Shopping in Stevenage
Another attempt to develop black & white film with caffenol
Optomax 300mm f/5.6
The subject of this post is a fixed telephoto lens available quite cheaply in M42 mount - the Optomax 300mm f/5.6.