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Helios 44M sample pictures - Daffodil
The Russian Helios 44M lens was supplied on most of the Zenit 35mm slr cameras produced and, since there were
Auto Takumar 55mm sample pictures - Jolly roger
A couple of days ago I purchased an M42 to Pentax K-mount adapter so I could use some of my
Bronica ETRsi sample photos - Soft daffodils
I bought my Bronica ETRsi medium format camera a couple of weeks before Christmas last year and as I've just
Chinon 28mm f/2.8 M42 lens samples - Daffodils with backlit sunshine
This is a review of the Auto Chinon 28mm M42 mount f/2.8 lens when used on Sony Nex 6 and
Pentax P30t pictures developed with digibase c41 kit - Paddingto
This week I wanted to test my colour film development process and I exposed a reel of Kodak ColorPlus 200
Voigtlander bessa 66 sample picture - The church in Teverham near Norwich
Over the last few weeks I've been carrying my Voigtlander Bessa 66 folding camera with me loaded with a reel
Olympus trip 35 sample picture - aluminium resaurant
Yesterday evening as I was sorting through my vintage camera collections and storing some models away, I found that my
Bronica ETRsi - Old dead tree
This morning I developed the first film I put through my Bronica ETRsi medium format SLR and scanned the negatives.
Ensign selfix 1620 sample picture - Our mutual friend
I've developed some black & white pictures from my test run with a selfix 1620 folding camera today, and this
Meyer-Optik Primotar sample picture - Autumn leaves
A few weeks ago I bought a Praktica IV 35mm slr which came fitted with a Meyer-Optik Primotar M42 mount,