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Pentax-M SMC 28mm f/2.8 samples - the road to Hertford
Some samples from an Pentax-M SMC 28mm f/2.8 lens
This is a post in a series which I’ve written to show sample pictures obtained with inexpensive vintage lenses fitted Read more.
Zeiss Ikon Contaflex III sample pictures - Picture 3
Contaflex III sample film
Over the last week or so I’ve been running a test film through my Zeiss Ikon Contaflex III 35mm slr Read more.
Tokina RMC 75 - 260 f/4.5 zoom sample pictures - portrait
Tokina RMC 75 – 260 f/4.5 zoom lens
The Tokina RMC series of lenses was produced in the in the early 1980’s in a variety of different lens Read more.
Kodak Brownie Reflex samples - Another original picture found on film
Kodak Brownie reflex samples and shooting experiences
A week or so ago I bought a pair of Kodak Brownie Reflex vintage cameras and found one had a Read more.
Olympus OM-2 sample pictures - Sailing boats waiting to be used
Olympus OM-2 sample pictures
Yesterday I loaded up my Olympus OM-2 with a reel of Kodak colourplus 200 colour film and headed off to Read more.
Minolta X-700 sample pictures - Emma with a different furry friend in Loughborough centre
Minolta X-700 sample pictures.
A few weeks ago I published a review of the Minolta X-700 35mm slr and in this follow up post Read more.
Pentax MZ-3 sample photographs - Fallen branch with bluebells
Pentax MZ-3 sample photographs
This post is to show the Pentax MZ-3 sample photographs I took from the first film I ran through my Read more.
Pentax Z-20 sample pictures - running away
Pentax Z-20 sample photos
Last night I developed the first film I’d run through my Pentax Z-20 slr and this morning I’ve scanned the Read more.
Helios 85 - 210 Auto Zoom sample picture - spring pink tree blossom in macro mode at f/8
Some samples from a Helios 85 – 210 Auto Zoom lens
This short post is to show some sample pictures taken with the Helios 85 – 210 Auto Zoom lens on Read more.
Pentax Super Program sample pictures - Cycles outside the cycle shop
Pentax Super Program sample pictures
It was a couple of months ago I acquired a Pentax Super Program 35mm camera and I’ve just developed my Read more.