Exciting new vintage home movies site

This is a very short post just to publicise a new sister site to found-film which I’ve recently set up. The site is called Vintage Home Movies and is available here and in the link section in the sidebar.

Basically https://vintage-home-movies.co.uk does for 8mm amateur home movie clips what Found Film does for colour slides and negatives. Essentially it is a social history site, making available 8mm home movie films which I think are interesting and may be of interest to others. I had originally intended for cine film to be added to found film, but after consideration I decided the new domain would probably help with SEO, so I created a new site specifically for amateur cine films.

At the moment there are only a few films available on Vintage Home Movies, but I’m intending to add new content regularly in order to get a good collection of content to be viewed. I have a few dozen films which I’m scanning and digitising, and I guess in a month or so I’ll have 50 or so videos up and running and providing some interesting and varied content.

I know many people won’t share my interest in this sort of social history, but for anyone who does please pay the site a visit and have a look. If you have any comments please be sure to let me know what you think and if you want to be informed when new content is added please subscribe to the vintage-home-movies since the subscriptions to that site are completely separate from my vintage camera blog.

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