Vintage camera manuals index

On this page I’m going to include scans of some of the vintage camera manuals which I have acquired over the years which I hope may be useful to other vintage camera enthusiasts.

I’m not intending to make this a comprehensive library of manuals because there are other sites which offer that service and have a much better selection of manuals – this is simply a collection of manuals which either I haven’t seen on other sites or which may be different editions to the ones available on other sites.

As I add new scans, which will probably be about once per week, I’ll include them on the review page for the particular camera concerned, and also on this page which will act as an index page.

I’ll keep the order alphabetical, but the search box on the site should enable you to find any particular camera manual if I have it. If after time I find the list is getting too big to be a simple alphabetical list I’ll create a different navigation system.

Vintage Camera Manuals

Agfa Rondinax 35U daylight developing tank

Agfa Rondinax 35U daylight tank

Agifold medium format folding camera

Agifold medium format camera manual

Bell & Howell 606H 8mm cine Projector


Eumig 31-XL Cine Camera


Eumig P8 cine projector


Kalimar exposure meter

Kalimar Exposure meter manual

Soligor T-2 Flexomatic Bellows Extension Unit


Topcon Unirex EE 35mm SLR camera

Topcon Unirex EE camera manual

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