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This is the vintage projector index page for the projectors in my photography collection. Each of the small collection of projectors is listed here with links which will take you to the more detailed review page.

Posted: 21 Jan 17
8mm home moviesHow I became interested in viewing and collecting 8mm home movies and a look at a Eumig P8 Dual projector I bought to view them.
Eumig P8m 8mm Silent Projector - Projection arms extended
Posted: 08 Sep 18
Eumig P8m 8mm silent projectorThe Eumig P8m projector, produced in huge quantities was a good quality, reliable performer. This post looks in detail at the unit.
Chinon C-300 Std 8 & Super 8 projector - Front view
Posted: 16 Sep 18
Chinon C-300 8mm projectorThis post looks at a budget 8mm projector from the mid 1970s, the Chinon C-300 which is capable of showing both std 8 and super 8 films.
Specto 500 8mm cine projector - Film arms raised for projection
Posted: 23 Sep 18
Specto 500 8mm silent projectorThis article looks at a vintage 8mm cine projector from the early 1950s, the Specto 500 which was also available in 9.5 and 16mm versions.
Elmo E-80 8mm projector - Front view of projector
Posted: 07 Oct 18
Elmo E-80 8mm silent projectorA look at the Elmo E-80 standard 8mm, silent projector which was made in the early 1950s by Elmo, a very reputable maker.
Chinon Universal 8 projector - Take up spool loaded
Posted: 27 Apr 19
Chinon Universal 8 cine projectorThis is a look at a the chinon universal 8 cine projector which was introduced during the time when home movies were a popular family event.
Eumig P8 Automatic 8mm Projector
Posted: 28 Apr 19
Eumig P8 automatic 8mm cine projectorIn this article I'm taking a look at the Eumig P8 automatic 8mm cine projector which was a later model in the Eumig P8 range.
Bolex 18-5 Super 8mm Projector
Posted: 12 May 19
Bolex 18-5 Super 8mm movie ProjectorThis post reviews the latest addition to my vintage 8mm projector collection which is a Bolex 18-5 Super 8mm projector made in about 1965
Bell & Howell 606H projector : Front side view of projector
Posted: 30 Aug 19
Bell & Howell 606 H vintage 8mm projectorThis is a descriptive post about the latest addition to my collection of vintage 8mm projectors, the Bell & Howell 606 H 8mm projector

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