A collection of 8mm home movies

I’ve written before on this blog about collecting 8mm home movies and I’ve purchased several films over the last couple of years which I’m hoping to be able to digitise soon. Each of the films which I’ve bought has been quite interesting, but I’ve generally acquired films which were shot in the mid to late 1960s; this week however, I had quite a find when I picked up 20 8mm home movies which were shot from the early 1950s up to about 1964.

At the moment, I haven’t had time to view the films because (as I said last week) I’ve been busy with a home garden project, but I’ve checked a couple of the films and they look to be in very good condition, with no obvious mould or dirt.

Each of the films is in its original cardboard box, with a rubber band holding the film tightly to the reel. In all the films I’ve looked at the rubber band is perished and solid, but since the films have leader this hasn’t marked the actual film.

The content of the films look interesting; The few pictured above show some of the boxes which have markings I can read and are typical of the contents although some of the other boxes have faded so I can’t actually see the writing. Once I can digitise the films I will post the contents on the found-film site.

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