Lemonade bottle after a shower

I’m continuing my archiving of photos to recover disk space, and I came upon this picture of a lemonade bottle sitting on a table which had been caught in a shower. It was taken on Fuji Superia 400 film (which I believe is being discontinued this year) using a Minolta 505 Super si camera.

Lemonade bottle after shower
Lemonade bottle after shower

This is actually another picture from the ones I took on a visit to Snowshill manor but although it was included in those pictures, it hasn’t been singled out for a post of its own. When we were on the visit there was a sudden shower and everyone who had been sitting outside the restaurant made a bolt into cover. I was walking and got caught in the shower, but the shower stopped as I got back to the restaurant and I saw this bottle and tray which had been abandoned on the table.

Although it’s nothing special photographically, I just like the look and suspect it wouldn’t look the same if I’d taken it on one of my digital cameras.

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  1. The photos is not bad the only thing I might do is crop the white post out, and I have to agree film does have a certain look over digital.

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