Vintage camera repair index

This vintage camera repair index page lists all the repair posts on the site which deal with vintage cameras and lenses. I’ll just point out that I am not a professionally trained repair technician, so although I hope you find these articles helpful, please read them in light of that information.

Repairs of Equipment by Agfa
Agfa Ambi Silette 35mm rangefinder camera - cover down
Posted: 18 Feb 16
Agfa Ambi Silette film advance strip downThis post covers the procedure I used to strip down, clean and lubricate the Ambi Silette film advance mechanism. It also includes pictures and a description of how I removed the top cover of the camera to get access.
Agfa Ambi Silette shutter repair - speed setting plate removed
Posted: 19 Feb 16
Agfa Ambi Silette shutter repairIn this post I cover the Agfa Ambi Silette shutter repair procedure I used when the shutter blades in the camera would move only slightly as the shutter was cocked, and then only move back when the release was pushed.
Agfa Karat f/3.5 top cover strip down - waiting for strip down
Posted: 13 Nov 16
Agfa Karat film advance repairThis post describes how I stripped down and cleaned up the film advance/frame counter assembly of my Agfa Karat,  which is found under the top cover. It’s a pretty straight forward operation, but I think it’s always easier if you can see what to expect before you take it apart, so I’ve posted this to hopefully help someone else who may need to do the same operation in the future. The Karat, at least the f/3.5 model I have, is [...]

Posted: 15 Nov 16
Cleaning an Agfa Karat focus helicoidI couple of days ago I cleaned up the frame advance mechanism on my Agfa Karat 35mm viewfinder camera, but the one remaining area which still needed attention was the focus mechanism. When I received the camera the front element was seized almost completely solid and I couldn’t turn the lens, so in order to get a working camera, that was the next thing I needed to fix. These pictures can also be viewed full size here. I did some [...]

Posted: 22 Feb 17
Cleaning and servicing the Agfa Karat 12 film advance.How I carried out a servicing of the Agfa Karat 12 film advance to return the camera to its proper working condition.

Posted: 24 Feb 17
Agfa Karat 12 Compur shutter clean upHaving completed the easy part of my Agfa Karat 12 camera refurbishment with the film advance strip down and clean up, I then turned my attention to the next easiest part which is the Compur-Rapid shutter fitted to this model. As suppled, the shutter was very stiff to operate and only worked at one speed, irrespective of the shutter settings. It seemed the most likely problem was that the shutter needed a good clean out then it would probably be [...]

Posted: 25 Feb 17
Agfa Karat 12 re-assemblyOver the last few days I’ve been cleaning and repairing the film advance and shutter on my Agfa Karat 12 rangefinder camera, and today I completed my refurbishment and re-assembled the camera. These pictures can be viewed full size here. The pictures above show the steps that I took but I’ll also outline the process here. At the start of this process I had cleaned, lubricated and rebuild the film advance and the Compur-rapid shutter so the parts which needed [...]

Posted: 17 Mar 17
Agfa Colorflex strip down - part 1A few weeks ago I acquired an Agfa Colorflex 35mm, fixed lens, slr camera which had a few problems with the shutter. In order to see what was wrong I needed to remove the shutter from the camera, and this short post shows the sequence I went through to do that. Removing the shutter from the camera body was a relatively easy operation, as the sequence above shows, but once I’d removed it I found that the camera had a [...]
Agfa Karat IV film transport - All cleaned up and complete
Posted: 07 May 17
Agfa Karat IV repairs and cleanupA post describing the process I used when carrying out some repairs on my Agfa Karat IV rangefinder camera to return it to working condition. These repairs included the film transport, focus re-greasing and some repairs to the shutter

Posted: 16 May 17
Agfa Karat viewfinder camera with strap lugsThis is a very short pictorial review of the model of  Agfa Karat viewfinder camera which has strap lugs fitted to the top cover. In functionality, it is identical to the Agfa Karat f/3.5 which I covered in a previous post, so this article is just a description of my particular camera and some images of the camera. All the pictures in this post can be viewed full size here. My Camera This camera was bought from eBay as a [...]
Agfa Karat Art Deco - complete camera
Posted: 12 Nov 17
Agfa Karat Art Deco film advance repairA pictorial guide to the Agfa Karat Art Deco film advance, how to strip it down, clean it and re-assemble it.
Repairs of Equipment by Balda
Balda Baldamatic I 35mm rangefinder camera with agfalux flash
Posted: 29 Dec 16
Balda Baldamatic I 35 mm rangefinderThe name Balda Baldamatic I is a bit of a misnomer as the camera is not automatic in the sense we understand it. There is no automatic exposure control, or focus, but there are aids to help with both in the form of a coupled rangefinder for focus, and a coupled light meter for exposure.
Repairs of Equipment by Edixa
Edixa reflex D strip down - Under the top cover
Posted: 13 Jun 15
Edixa Reflex D strip downAs I said in another post earlier today I recently acquired an Edixa Reflex D 35mm SLR to join my vintage camera collection but discovered that the shutter assembly wasn’t working properly. The shutter release button seemed to jam and feel ‘gritty’ when pressed and the shutter operation was not at all reliable. I decided to have a go at stripping the camera down to see if I could find the cause so I took pictures along the way as [...]
Repairs of Equipment by Exakta

Posted: 02 Apr 17
Repairing the shutter on an Exakta Exa IIOver the last couple of days I’ve been stripping down and repairing my Exakta Exa II 35mm slr which had a fault with the shutter first curtain sticking in the frame. I’m happy to say I managed to get that fault fixed, and also cleaned up the focus screen, replaced the light seals and generally cleaned up and re-lubricated the mechanism. The following describes how I did this and the pictures should act as a guide for anyone else who [...]

Posted: 22 Apr 17
Ihagee Exa 500 slow speed repairA couple of weeks ago I bought an Ihagee Exa 500 35mm slr which was in pretty good condition, but had an issue with the slow shutter speeds which were taking too long to run. Today I dismantled the camera to fix this issue, and I took a few photos which I hope will help anyone who needs to do the same thing. A sluggish slow speed escapement is a common problem with a lot of old cameras and is [...]

Posted: 13 May 17
Exakta Varex IIb strip downA couple of days ago I bought an Exakta Varex IIb body to go with my Exakta Varex IIa which I bought a few weeks ago. This camera was bought from eBay for only £10 because it needed a repair, so my first job when I received it was to get the shutter unit out in order to see what was wrong with it. These pictures can also be viewed full size here. The pictures above show the steps necessary [...]
Exakta Varex IIb shutter repair and clean - marking the tape position
Posted: 14 May 17
Exakta Varex IIb shutter repair and cleanupThis post covers the procedure I used as I carried out an Exakta Varex IIb shutter repair and cleanup operation. As well as a description, I've also included many pictures as guidance.
Repairs of Equipment by Finetta
Finetta 88 35mm viewfinder camera
Posted: 08 Nov 16
Finetta 88 35mm interchangeable lens viewfinder cameraThis is a short review and also repair post about the Finetta 88 viewfinder camera with an interchangeable lens from the 1950s.
Repairs of Equipment by Jupiter/Industar
Industar 61 showing adjustment of aperture and focus
Posted: 02 Feb 14
Industar 61 f/2.8 50mm lensThis post tells the story of how I discovered that vintage lenses, designed for rangefinder cameras in the 1960s, can be put to renewed use with some of the modern mirror-less cameras. In this particular case the lens in question is the Industar 61.
Repairs of Equipment by Kodak

Posted: 16 Oct 16
Kodak Retina IIc top cover removalThis afternoon I took the top cover off my Retina IIc 35mm rangefinder camera and I just wanted to publish some pictures to help anyone who needed to do the same operation. Although it was an easy job, I always think it is easier if you know what is under the cover before you take it off, so these pictures may be useful to someone. These pictures can also be viewed full size here. Removing the top cover was very [...]

Posted: 18 Oct 16
Removing the shutter from a Retina IIc 35mm rangefinderIn my last post I described how I removed the top cover from my recently acquired Kodak Retina IIc 35mm rangefinder in order to remove dust particles and check the condition of the cocking rack. In this post I’m going to describe how I removed the lens rear element for cleaning, and also removed the shutter assembly so I can clean the shutter and get the camera’s slow speeds working again. These pictures can also be viewed full size here. [...]

Posted: 21 Oct 16
Cleaning the Compur Synchro shutter from a Kodak Retina IIc rangefinder cameraIn my last post I described how I removed the shutter from my Kodak Retina IIc camera, and in this post I’m going to describe how I stripped it down and cleaned the slow speed regulator and self timer. Although I have carried this procedure on other compur shutters, I still found a lot of guidance for this on the retina rescue site and I would recommend anyone who needs to work on these cameras to pay a visit to [...]

Posted: 22 Oct 16
Cleaning the focus mechanism on a Kodak Retina IIc rangefinderThis post describes the antics I went through when I cleaned the focus mechanism in my Kodak Retina IIc rangefinder. This followed on from cleaning the shutter, so the shutter was removed from the camera when I started this operation. These pictures can be viewed full size here. The first part of the operation was to remove the plate which transmits the position of the focus helicoid to the rangefinder on the top of the camera. This is removed my [...]
Kodak Retina IIc camera - focus and aperture scales
Posted: 23 Oct 16
A lesson learned - and a guide for othersOver the last few days I’ve been refurbishing a Kodak Retina IIc 35mm rangefinder camera which I picked up as a non working model from eBay. Having stripped down the shutter and got it fully working, and then cleaned up the focus of its gummy grease, the last step in the process was to refit the shutter to the camera body and make sure the cocking mechanism was properly coupled to the film advance. Fitting the shutter is a relatively [...]

Posted: 21 Dec 16
A pair of Kodak Retina Reflex S camerasThis is my initial assessment of a pair of Kodak Retina Reflex cameras I bought a couple of days ago for £20. They are both non-functional, and I’m hoping that I can salvage one camera from the two, or if the worse comes to the worse use them as parts for my Retina Reflex III. My Cameras As I said above I bought both these cameras from the same seller on eBay who was absolutely clear that neither body worked [...]

Posted: 23 Dec 16
Stripping down a Kodak Retina Reflex SAs I said in my last post I have a couple of Retina Reflex S cameras which I bought as non working units with the intention of hopefully making a good working unit from the two. I’d just done an initial assessment when I wrote my last post, but now I’ve looked in more detail and I’ve found that one of the units is in a much worse state than the other one. Therefore, I’ve decided to strip that unit [...]

Posted: 25 Dec 16
Rebuilding the Kodak Retina Reflex S film transportA couple of days ago I stripped down one of my Retina Reflex S cameras with the aim of making one good camera from the parts of the two I have. Well today I started the re-assembly operation with the film transport assembly. These pictures can also be viewed full size here. My original aim was to strip down the worse of the units and re-assemble it as a practice before I did the same to the better unit. I [...]

Posted: 26 Dec 16
Kodak Retina Reflex S shutter repairHaving stripped down and successfully cleaned and re-assembled the film advance mechanism on my Kodak Retina Reflex S, the next part I needed to get working was the shutter, and this post documents how I did that. These pictures can be viewed full sized here. Again I am indebted to the article on the Retina Reflex site which explains how to carry out the strip down and rebuild of the retina reflex s shutter. With the shutter unit off the [...]

Posted: 02 Jan 17
Re-stringing the exposure meter on a retina reflex SThe next part of my Kodak Retina Reflex refurbishment was to replace the meter cord with new string because on both of my donor cameras it had broken. The first problem I had was to find some suitable cord to use. It needs to be strong enough to withstand being moved across pulleys and be held under tension, but also thin enough to fit in the very narrow groves and channels. These pictures can also be viewed full size here. [...]

Posted: 15 Jan 17
Kodak Retina Reflex S re-assemblyA couple of weeks ago I completed the restringing of the exposure meter of my Retina Reflex S which left me with a clean and working shutter and body ready to assemble together again. Yesterday I completed that operation and got the shutter re-assembled onto the camera body. I have to say that this was probably the most awkward part of the whole re-assembly. It wasn’t exactly difficult, but I found it frustrating because I had to do it three [...]
Repairs of Equipment by Kowa
Kowa SE 35mm slr strip down - lens removed from body
Posted: 13 Dec 15
Kowa SE strip down - part one.Last week I received a Kowa SE 35mm fixed lens slr which had a few problems. Basically, when the film advance was wound the mirror moved to the up position and the viewfinder blanked out. After a further bit of playing about with the camera I also found that something is stopping the aperture blades from fully opening. I suspect that one of the blades has a pin broken, so I decided to have a look and see if I [...]
Kowa SE 35mm slr strip down - aperture blades
Posted: 14 Dec 15
Kowa SE strip down part 2 - lens & aperture repairAfter the strip down of my Kowa SE shutter and body, and the discovery that at least part of the problem is with the aperture assembly, the next stage in getting the camera fully working was to try to get access to the aperture blades to see why they weren’t properly opening. From my initial assessment from the outside the lens, it looked as if at least one of the blades was missing the pin which sits in the curved [...]
Kowa SE 35mm slr strip down - lens reassembled to the body
Posted: 15 Dec 15
Kowa SE strip down - part 3 reassemblyThis is the final post in the series about the repairs I carried out on my Kowa SE fixed lens SLR. In the last part I had successfully cleaned the aperture blades and re-assembled the aperture into the lens mount. Now I needed to clean and re-assemble the rest of the lens. Because the lens had a lot of old oily grease in the helicoid and focus ring threads, I got a old toothbrush and used some washing up liquid [...]
Repairs of Equipment by Minolta

Posted: 04 May 16
Minolta XG-M capacitor replacementAbout a year ago I bought a Minolta XG-M 35mm film camera kit from an auction on eBay. The kit consisted of the camera itself, the Minolta 50mm f/1.7 standard lens which was supplied with the camera when new, a Vivitar 28-85mm zoom and I think there was also a cheap Vivitar electronic flash in the case as well. Since I paid only about £10 for the complete kit I was happy just to receive the 50mm standard lens; all [...]
Repairs of Equipment by Miranda
Auto Miranda 50mm f/1.9 strip down and repair - lens before any work started
Posted: 13 Oct 14
Strip down and clean an Auto Miranda 50mm f/1.9 lens apertureStrip down and cleaning instructions for an Auto Miranda 50mm f/1.9 lens which had iris blades contaminated with oil.
Miranda Fv with TTL viewfinder
Posted: 15 Oct 14
Repairing and cleaning a Miranda TTL viewfinder - part 1.I recently bought a Miranda FV 35mm SLR camera which has a TTL metered viewfinder fitted. I got the camera quite cheaply, because the viewfinder is marked and dull but I thought I would look at what, if anything, I could do to get the viewfinder repaired and working again. At first I thought the major problem with the marking in the viewfinder was caused by a leaking battery because the biggest pitted area is just below the battery compartment [...]
Miranda Sensorex focus screen cleaning - Dirty screen
Posted: 09 Nov 14
Cleaning the focusing screen on a Miranda SensorexMy recently acquired Miranda Sensorex has a few of issues which I need to put right including re-greasing the lens and some general clean up and lubrication but the first issue I wanted to address was the muck and dirt on the focusing screen. I wanted to look at this first because it was really bad and made trying to focus a difficult task. I had already cleaned the screen on my Miranda Fv although that was in a much [...]
Miranda Sensomat shutter repair - applying oil
Posted: 14 Nov 14
Fixing slow shutter speed problems on a Miranda SensomatI have recently been increasing my collection of Miranda vintage cameras and along with a few other models I’ve acquired two Sensomat RE models and both of them had the same problem – at slow shutter speeds (i.e. between 1/8 and 1 sec) the mirror flips up but the operation didn’t complete and the mirror is left up and the shutter open. What I found is that the shutter mechanism was basically dried up and sticking and this is a [...]
Repairing a Miranda D shutter showing shutter released and bar in wrong position
Posted: 29 Nov 14
Repairing a Miranda D-r shutter - part 1I bought a new Miranda camera this week – a Miranda D-r which unfortunately had a few issues, the most pressing of which was the shutter release which fired once when I first received the camera, but then stuck with the film advance frozen. I managed to find out what I needed to do to repair it this afternoon so this is a short post describing the procedure. To view the pictures either click on the gallery below or follow [...]

Posted: 06 Dec 14
Miranda/Soligor 50mm PAD lens strip downI posted last week about the Miranda D-r 35mm SLR I bought from eBay and the condition of the PAD lens which was fitted to it. In short the aperture was completely frozen when I received the camera, but started moving after it had warmed up a bit in the house. However, looking at the aperture through the front of the lens it was obviously covered in a film of oil and after a few days the blades were moving [...]
Repairing a Miranda D shutter - frame advance assembly revealed
Posted: 07 Dec 14
Repairing a Miranda D shutter - part 2My battle with my Miranda D shutter continues so I get a bit more serious with the dismantling!
Repairs of Equipment by Miranda
Miranda 50mm f/1.9 cla - job complete
Posted: 01 Mar 15
Miranda 50mm f/1.9 focus thread clean up.Last week I took ownership of a Miranda Automex III 35mm film camera and found that the helicoid was in need of re-greasing. I have already rebuilt the aperture on one of these lenses and found them easier than most to work on, so I thought it would probably not be too hard to re-grease the helicoid as well. The following is a pictorial guide for anyone who may find this useful. The tools you will need are: Watchmakers screwdrivers [...]
Repairs of Equipment by Olympus

Posted: 16 Jul 16
Olympus OM-1n strip downA pictorial guide to striping down and cleaning the shutter timing mechanism in under the mirror box of an Olympus OM-1n.

Posted: 17 Jul 16
Olympus OM-1n reassemblyIn my last post I described the process I followed to strip my Olympus OM-1n down to clean the shutter and film transport mechanism. In this post I’m going to describe how I got the camera back together and made sure everything was still working. These pictures can also be viewed full sized here. Once I had the shutter mechanism cleaned up I tried all the speeds to check how accurate they were. At this point I got a bit [...]

Posted: 24 Jul 16
Fixing an Olympus OM2 Spot Program stuck shutterA few weeks ago I purchased an Olympus OM2 Spot Program 35mm SLR to add to my collection of Olympus cameras. Fully working OM2 SP cameras can command quite a high price, so rather than spend the £50 to £100 a working camera would cost, I bought a non working version for £20 instead. Since that included a 50mm f/1.8 Zuiko lens I thought that wasn’t a bad deal. The particular problem described was that the film advance and shutter [...]
Repairs of Equipment by Pentacon/Meyer Optic

Posted: 26 Apr 14
Stripping and cleaning a Pentacon electric 50mm f/1.8A post which covers the repairs I carried out on a Pentacon Electric 50mm prime lens, along with some sample pictures I took with it on a modern mirror-less digital camera.
Domiplan 50mm
Posted: 10 Sep 14
Stripping and cleaning a Meyer-Optik Gorlitz Domiplan 50mm f/2.8 M42 lensThis post describes the procedure to strip down and clean a Meyer-Optik Gorlitz Domiplan lens which had sticky aperture blades
Repairs of Equipment by Pentax
View of the mirror release cog on the Spotmatic ES
Posted: 16 Jan 16
Repairing a Pentax spotmatic stuck mirrorThis post details the repair I carried out on two of my Pentax Spotmatic models to fix the problem of the mirror sticking in the up position during shutter release. The pictures above are of the Spotmatic ES because it has a PCB under the bottom cover and is therefore slightly more complex than the original spotmatic models, but the mechanics are basically the same in all models that I’ve seen. It may help to see the pictures in full [...]

Posted: 31 Mar 16
Repairing a Pentax ME film transportI have a few Pentax ME style cameras which have problems with the film transport. One is a Pentax MG with the mirror stuck in the up position and the film advance locked. Another is a Pentax Super Program which I bought for spare parts for my ‘good’ Super Program, and the shutter speeds wouldn’t set and the film advance just winds without cocking the shutter. Finally I have an ME super which looks as if it works, but the [...]

Posted: 09 Apr 16
Pentax K1000 top plate removalToday I started the clean up and repair of my Pentax K1000 and the first job was the removal of the top plate. As usual when I carry out any repairs, I try to take lots of pictures so that I can easily repeat the operation as required and also make sure I can put the camera together again! This process is also pretty much the same on the Spotmatic series of cameras, especially the later versions. The pictures in [...]

Posted: 16 Apr 16
Replacing the mirror return motor in a Pentax MZ-5nA while ago I bought a nice clean Pentax MZ-5n 35mm SLR body for £18 from ebay which was described as being ‘fully functional’. Unfortunately when I received it it turned out to have a problem with the mirror return motor which stops the shutter from working. I did some Internet searching and found that this is a common fault with all the Pentax MZ series – the motor which returns the mirror has a small plastic cog which splits [...]
Repairs of Equipment by Petri

Posted: 21 May 16
Petri 55mm f/2.0 CC lens aperture repairOver the last few months I’ve bought a couple of Petri or Petriflex cameras and one of them had a 55mm standard lens with a few problems with the aperture blades. Since I recently had another lens apart to look at an aperture problem and therefore ‘have my eye in’, I thought this might be a good opportunity to fix the Petri lens as well. These pictures can also be viewed full size here. It turned out that the Petri [...]

Posted: 23 May 16
Stripping down and cleaning a Petri Flex VI have a couple of Petri Flex V cameras which are both in need of a clean and a service. One unit which I bought about 6 months ago has a problem with the lens mount and also sometimes applies Bulb mode on the slow speeds. The other unit is much better cosmetically, but the second curtain only slowly travels across the film gate most times, and the focusing screen is really dirty. I decided it would be a fun [...]
Repairs of Equipment by Praktica
Pentacon Six TL
Posted: 03 Jul 15
My Pentacon Six projectThis is the first part of a series of posts describing my attempts to strip down and repair a Pentacon Six medium format camera.
Pentacon Six TL
Posted: 11 Jul 15
Pentacon Six project - Step 4 Viewfinder repairWhilst I’m carrying out repairs and adjustments on the shutter assembly of my Pentacon Six, I’ve also been looking at the viewfinder and lens which both needed some attention.  In this post I’m going to show the repairs and cleaning which took place on the viewfinder. When I first received the Pentacon Six the viewfinder was in a reasonable state cosmetically, with just a couple of scratches, but optically it had a couple of chips in the prism, and these [...]
Pentacon six shutter setup - problem with aperture shut down arm
Posted: 12 Jul 15
Pentacon Six Project. Step 5 - attempted initial shutter setup.In my last post I gave some observations and conclusions I’d reached from my initial examination of the shutter assembly in my Pentacon Six. In this post I’m going to describe the progress I’ve made to get the shutter working again prior to trying to calibrate the shutter speeds. After my initial attempts to lubricate the mechanism, and getting the mirror and shutter blinds out of sync, the whole mechanism was not working anymore so I decided to try to [...]
Praktica Super TL slow speed clean and lubricate - Escapement out of the camera with spring refitted
Posted: 13 Mar 16
Praktica Super TL slow speed escapement clean and lubricate.A few days ago I received a Praktica Super TL 35mm camera which had a problem with the slow speeds. In this post I’m going to describe the procedure I used to remove the escapement, clean it and get it working again. The pictures can be viewed using the gallery below, or by following this link which will open them in  a separate tab at full size.   The first part of the operation is to reveal the slow speed [...]

Posted: 19 Jun 16
Pentacon Pentina strip downA few days ago I bought a Pentacon Pentina 35mm slr from an ebay auction for a couple of pounds. It was cheap because it was faulty and needed a repair so I thought it would be an interesting camera to try to improve my repair skills with. These pictures can also be viewed full sized here. The problem reported with the camera was that the mechanism was locked – it was not possible to advance the film, fire the [...]
Repairs of Equipment by Ricoh

Posted: 26 Apr 16
Singlex TLS strip down and repair - Part 1A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to have a Ricoh Singlex TLS camera donated to my camera collection by a reader called David who thought I might have some fun trying to get it to work again. Although there are some issues with the shutter, the camera is a black model with a nice amount of wear on the edges and looks really nice. This is the first part of my attempt to get the shutter working and [...]

Posted: 27 Apr 16
Singlex TLS strip down and repair - part 2This is the second part of my attempt to repair a Ricoh Singlex TLS 35mm camera which was kindly donated to my collection by David, a reader of my blog. These pictures can also be viewed in full size here. Whilst I’m still trying to work out what the problem with the shutter unit is I’ve cleaned up the old crumbly light seal from the various points it was fitted on the body and lens mount unit and lubricated the [...]

Posted: 28 Apr 16
Singlex TLS strip down and repair - Part 3This post covers next next part in my attempt to repair a Ricoh singlex TLS camera which was donated to my collection by David a reader of my blog. The earlier posts are part one and part two.   Unfortunately this story doesn’t have a happy ending – or at least it doesn’t have a happy ending yet. Having got the light seals replaced and the mechanism on the mirror box all cleaned up and lubricated I continued to see [...]
Ricoh TLS 401 35mm slr
Posted: 28 Feb 17
Ricoh TLS 401 35mm slrA look at the Ricoh TLS 401, a 35mm slr which Ricoh produced as an improved version of the earlier Singlex TLS.
Repairs of Equipment by Takumar/Pentax
Auto Takumar 55mm f/2.2 strip down - blades assembled in the aperture
Posted: 22 Feb 16
Strip down, clean and lubricate an Auto Takumar 55mm f/2.2 M42 lensThis post describes my experiences stripping down, cleaning, lubricating and repairing an M42 mount Auto Takumar 55mm f/2.2 lens which dates from about 1958. I acquired the lens as part of a purchase of a Pentax S1 35mm slr which had the Auto Takumar fitted as a standard lens. The lens looked in pretty good condition all round apart from a problem with the aperture. The lens wouldn’t stop down using the aperture ring although if I moved the actuation [...]
Repairs of Equipment by Topcon

Posted: 25 Mar 17
Topcon Wink E Mirror strip down - part oneA couple of weeks ago I bought a Topcon Wink E Mirror 35mm slr for a few pounds on eBay and I spent a couple of hours today stripping it down to fix a problem with the shutter cocking. When I first received the camera I cocked the shutter once and the camera seemed to work properly. However, once I tripped the shutter I couldn’t get it to cock again, and the shutter blades were closed, so I started to [...]
Repairs of Equipment by Weltaflex

Posted: 29 Oct 16
Weltaflex medium format twin lens reflexThe Weltaflex is a German made, twin lens reflex camera which first came into the world around 1954 and was made by the Welta company, although I suspect the version I have is a bit later than that since it bears the Pentacon mark on the shutter. Weltaflex Images My Weltaflex Camera I found this camera on eBay described as a fully working, nice condition camera and I thought it was a reasonable price so I bought it. As it [...]
Repairs of Equipment by Yashica

Posted: 02 Mar 13
Yashica MG-1 BatteryThis is what I hope will be a useful tip to anyone who owns one of these or similar cameras. The MG-1 was designed to work with a 5.6 volt Mercury Cell which is no longer available, and in fact banned in most countries. I understand that they can work with a 6v cell if you can get one to fit, and that it’s possible to get adaptors to work with this camera. Well I’ve just discovered a simple way [...]

Posted: 12 Mar 17
Yashica TL Electro X repairsThe Yashica TL Electro X was one of the first 35mm film SLR cameras to feature electronic display of exposure information in the viewfinder. It was first produced in 1968 when the majority of cameras used mechanical meter needles to display exposure  and so it represented a first step on the way to today’s electronic cameras. These pictures can be viewed in full size here. I found an example of this camera on eBay being sold as non-working but in [...]
Yashica 635 - speed setting ring
Posted: 17 Jun 17
Yashica 635 shutter removalThis post shows the procedure for removing the Copal MXV shutter from the Yashica 635 medium format film camera which you may need to do if either the shutter speeds or self timer unit are not working correctly. I bought my Yashica 635 a few days ago from a seller on eBay, but the reason I got it was a bit different from the norm. I was contacted by someone who had a Yashica 635 which belonged to her father [...]



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    Hi Simon,
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    Really enjoy your site.
    All the best
    Chris Newsome
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  • Paul

    Hello Simon, many thanks for this. Your repair posts are fascinating as well as useful, although I look forward to all of your posts. Have a great New Year, and please keep your interesting and informative posts coming.


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