More Fuji X-T1 pictures from Stowe

Last week, whilst we were away on holiday, I posted a picture that I’d taken at the Stowe National Trust property with my Fuji X-T1 and Samyang 12mm combination. Well, we are back from holiday and I’ve had time to sort through the rest of the images I took and I’ve included the best of my Fuji X-T1 pictures in this post.

We were fortunate the the weather was very good for our day at Stowe, which meant many of the pictures had nice, blue, interesting skies which worked well with the 12mm Samyang lens I used for the majority of the pictures.

Stowe is a huge site. Home to the Stowe school and also Stowe house, the grounds extend for about 200 acres with pathways, lakes, bridges and buildings over the whole area. Since we were only there a few hours I couldn’t hope to cover everything, so we are going to plan to re-visit sometime in the future. As it happens, the house was closed on the day we visited because a film crew were present and filming, which gave me a bit more opportunity to roam the grounds. I don’t know what was being filmed at the house – the message on the web site only said that filming was taking place – but I’ll keep an eye on the TV and film listings to see if I can find out.

The Fuji X-T1 Pictures

So the best of the pictures I took, or at least the ones I like the most, are shown in the gallery below. They were all taken in Raw mode on the X-T1, imported into Lightroom CC for post processing and then exported as jpeg files for this post. All the pictures have had the Lightroom Samyang 12mm profile applied to correct for slight lens distortions.

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  1. Excellent photos, I really like the Fujifilm X system cameras I have the X-E1 and the X-M1, my pockets aren’t
    quite deep enough for a X-T1 so a bit envious. The Samyang 12mm seems like a good lens

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