Chatsworth house pictures

It was a few months ago that we visited Chatsworth in Derbyshire, but I’ve only just been through the images I took and decided that these Chatsworth house pictures are the ones I like best.

Just as when we visited Eyam a few days earlier, we were lucky with the weather and it was a brilliantly sunny and warm day so I took both my Pentax K5 DSLR and Pentax Z-1p film SLR with me on the trip. The sunny weather was great for the rather slow, but very fine grain Agfa CT-100 colour slide film loaded into the Z-1p, and the K5 with its excellent high ISO performance was good for internal shots.

I took quite a few pictures on that day, and the favourites are shown below. The film pictures were scanned on an Epson V550 Perfection scanner and then imported into Lightroom, along with the digital pictures from the K5.

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  1. Hi Simon. I really enjoyed your images of Eyham Hall and likewise with these of Chatsworth House. I had actually never been to Eyham Hall and will visit in the next few weeks.
    I have been to Chatsworth House albeit some many years ago whilst I was a Senior Lecturer in Furniture Studies at Manchester College of Arts and Technology,the images brought back some happy memories of the trip there with a small number of selected students.
    I will visit again in a short while and hopefully the weather is as good as it clearly was for you and your family.

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