Eyam Hall favourite pictures

When we were in Derbyshire earlier in the year one of the places we visited was Eyam Hall, which is a National Trust property only a few miles from the cottage we stayed in.  We were fortunate because the weather was glorious, and so it presented many photo opportunities for me with both the Pentax K-5 DSLR and Z-1P film SLR.

Eyam Hall is an interesting place for a visit, although there is no car park at the actual property and you need to park in the village of Eyam. We found a variety of free car parks which were completely full, but fortunately there is also a ‘pay and display’ car park which from memory was only a couple of pounds. From the village the Hall is a walk of a hundred yards or so.

Within the courtyard of the property there are gift shops, a second hand book shop and an ice-cream parlour and in the field above the courtyard is a picnic area. The actual Hall and gardens are located through the back of the courtyard and, in common with many National Trust properties, there are experts in most of the rooms who can tell you the story of the building and are available to ask questions. We were given a very detailed description of the family that lived in the hall, and how it passed into National Trust ownership which really made the visit worthwhile. My son James always says that all the National Trust houses are basically the same, but it’s these individual stories which make the difference, and even he was interested to hear about the family that lived at Eyam Hall.

As well as the experts in the hall itself, there were also guided tours of the village, although we missed the starting time of one and moved on to another visit before the second one started.

If you happen to be in the vicinity of Derbyshire, I would certainly recommend a visit to Eyam Hall.

The pictures below are the ones I like best from the two or three dozen I took that day and includes both digital and film images.

Eyam Hall pictures

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