Update on Stats

Last week I posted an article about the changes I’d noticed to the number of visitors and views I’ve received over the last few weeks. This post is a very short one which just updates what I’ve found.

Search Console impressions
Search Console impressions

The picture above shows the number of clicks, impressions and CTR (click through rate) over the last 28 days and it confirms what I thought last week. The impressions have dropped because the google algorithm which determines which pages to show for a particular term have been tightened up. This is shown by the red line dropping from c7000 to c4000 over that time period. Interestingly the click through rate has improved a bit over that period, moving from about 5.5% to 7.5%. This is what makes me believe that the algorithm change is to pick up more relevant content. My pages are now appearing in searches which are more in tune with the page content.

Although that has resulted in lower views and less visitors, it’s got to be a good thing if the people who see your content are ones who want to see it so overall I’m happy with  the change – especially because the impressions seem to have settled down to a stable number.

So my task now is to improve the SEO rating of the posts on my site and I guess just write more articles!

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