Spring in super wide angle

I’ve been thinking for a while that I want to get back to posting some more pictures on my photoblog, and not just concentrate on vintage cameras. Although I am interested in film and vintage photography, I still enjoy using my digital kit as well, so this morning, being a brilliantly clear day with hardly a cloud in the sky, I decided to go for a walk with my Pentax K5 and Tamron 10 – 24mm super wide angle lens to take some pictures.

The pictures below at the ones I liked best from the few I took – not spectacular, but I liked them and they remind me what a nice combination the K5 and the Tamron 10-24 make.

4 Replies to “Spring in super wide angle”

  1. I often think that the winter is a better time for pictures of the rural landscape. You get the structure of trees showing up a lot more. Down here in West Dorset things are looking really good out in the landscape . Nice pics Simon .

  2. Interesting that most of your shots are portrait orientation. When I think of wide angle I always think of wide landscapes. Is this Tamron a modern lens, ie made for digital APS-C?

    1. Hi Dan – yes it a Pentax K mount autofocus lens made for APS-C. Mind you, I can use it with my film cameras once it’s zoomed past about 14mm because the image circle is then big enough that the frame is filled.

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