Agfa Colorflex strip down – part 1

A few weeks ago I acquired an Agfa Colorflex 35mm, fixed lens, slr camera which had a few problems with the shutter. In order to see what was wrong I needed to remove the shutter from the camera, and this short post shows the sequence I went through to do that.

Removing the shutter from the camera body was a relatively easy operation, as the sequence above shows, but once I’d removed it I found that the camera had a few other issues and probably isn’t worth trying to fix.

I found that the mirror is missing, the plate which holds the condenser lens in place as part of the the focusing screen is not screwed in, and there was a small piece of bent metal and a screw which fell out of the camera body when the shutter was removed. I suspect therefore that this camera will become a set of parts! Still, it may be of interest to someone to see the sequence of pictures above if they own a Colorflex and need to get to the shutter unit to repair it.


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