Change in WordPress view stats?

Has anyone else noticed a change in the way WordPress are counting views in the last couple of weeks?

I’ve noticed that although my visitor numbers have stayed at approximately the same level over the last few weeks, the number of visits per visitor has dramatically changed. It happens that because of the nature of my site I have quite a few picture galleries and up until a few weeks ago any gallery view of a picture was counted as an individual view. Over the last two weeks that seems to have stopped, so that instead of an average of about 8 views per visitor, I’m getting between 4 & 5 views per visitor.

Although I can’t be certain of the cause, the numbers I’m seeing on Google Analytics (which never counted the gallery views) are about the same and, as I say, the number of visitors is about the same.

Also there has been a change very recently to not allow views of the old stats page. Yesterday I noticed that any view of the old stats page redirected to the new stats page, and on the new stats page the individual picture views, which were grouped under the page title,  seem to have disappeared.

I just wondered if anyone else has seen this?

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