Elveden forest on film

Whilst we were recently at the Elveden Forest CenterParcs I took some pictures with a Minolta 800si camera which I’m preparing a review of and this post publishes the best of the images.

Elveden Forest Pictures on Film

I’m glad to say that these pictures have somewhat restored my faith in the sort of results possible with film. The last film I scanned, which was shot in Lincoln, was a bit disappointing because of the high grain and low colour saturation, which I put down to the fact that it was an 800 ISO film. This film, in contrast, was a stop slower and produced results much closer to what I was expecting.

Although the film was a 36 exposure roll, I’ve only included the best of the pictures above, removing several family pictures and some duplicate shots. As with all my film images, they were scanned with an Epson V550 perfection scanner using the standard Epson software and saved in TIFF format. The resultant files were then post processed in Lightroom and exported as jpeg files.

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