Lincoln on film – part one

This is the first part of a post to publish the pictures I took in Lincoln on 35mm colour negative film during our recent holiday. I used three colour negative films during the week, two rolls of 800 ISO Fuji and a roll of 400 ISO fuji. This is the first roll of the faster film.

To be honest I’m a bit disappointed with these pictures. I think viewing the slide film I received back from the lab last week led me to believe that these colour negatives would look as fantastic as the slides did and I feel a bit let down that they are not as good. It’s not really surprising – slide film is noted for it’s brilliant colour rendition and also it was 3 stops slower and therefore much finer grain.

All these pictures were taken with a Pentax MZ-3 camera using a standard 28-80mm zoom and with the metering set to pattern. I had them developed in a lab because my digibase C41 kit is exhausted, but I scanned the negatives myself using an Epson perfection V550. Post processing was carried out in Lightroom and consisted mostly of tweaking the exposure and applying some noise reduction and sharpening.


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