A trip to the Ideal Home Exhibition

This is a family history post with some pictures I took during a trip to the Ideal Home exhibition in London on Saturday. As well as the gallery below the pictures can be viewed in full size using this link.

I had originally planned to take some pictures with a 35mm film camera, and took along a recently acquired Pentax Z-20 autofocus camera loaded with some Fuji 800 ISO film. It turned out the venue was too dark for ‘only’ 800 ISO however, so the majority of the pictures above were taken with my Pentax K5 (which I fortunately had with me as well) which I had to set to ISO 1600 or higher to get those shots.

All in all it was a reasonably interesting day but I didn’t see too much that was innovative – the majority of the show is simply companies trying to sell things. Lots of stands had item with ‘never to be repeated’ discounts which I suspect are available all the time.


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