Easy Site Navigation for Simon Hawketts’s Photo Blog

Thanks for visiting my photo blog; this site navigation post is to help you locate the articles which hopefully are of interest to you.

As the title would suggest the site mainly covers photography and mostly film and vintage photography but there are also posts on digital photography, camera repair and some photographic theory articles.

Site Navigation with search

There are several ways to find the articles which may be interesting to you.

First there is the site search function which is located at the top of the sidebar to the right. Just enter a phrase into the box and click the magnifying glass icon and you will get a list of articles which match your request. You should be aware that the searches are full text searches of all the articles, so if for example you entered ‘Pentax film camera’ you would get results for all articles which contain these words (or some of these words) in the article.

Site Navigation with Dedicated Search

The next way you may find something of interest is to use the dedicated search forms which are available for the three main article types in the Vintage Photography archive. There are forms for Vintage Camera reviews, Vintage Camera repairs and Sample photos from Vintage cameras and lenses.

To find these forms you can select them from the top menu and the very top of the screen, or from the main menu where they are listed under the ‘Vintage Photography’ item.

The image below shows the form for ‘Find a Camera‘ which is the most complex form so I’ll explain that and the others work in a similar way.

Screen shot of the find a camera form which is part of the site navigation of the photoblog

Basically, the form automatically populates the section under the ‘Find a Camera’ text every time you make a change to the form. There is no need to press enter as you make a selection, you just select an option from the drop down list and each time the number of results narrow to match all the terms you enter or select.

I will just add that at the moment there are options in the form which have not yet been fully rolled out across the articles so some options will result in no data being shown. This is a temporary condition whilst I go through the 900 odd articles on the site and bring them all up to date.

Images in Articles

On many of the posts there are pictures which are grouped into galleries – these are a convenient way of grouping pictures but they don’t generally show the pictures in their full resolution. Many of the articles have links which lead to a full size version, but it’s possible to see any particular picture in full size by right clicking on it and choosing the option called ‘view in new tab’ or something similar.

Again, thanks for visiting – if you find the articles of use or interesting please consider following the site using the ‘Follow via Email’ link on the sidebar.

2 Replies to “Easy Site Navigation for Simon Hawketts’s Photo Blog”

  1. Dear Simon,
    Help please ! I have a stack of films & a virtually unused Chinon 8811 as featured on your web site . I am missing the power cable can I purchase one from you ? Tim Chamberlin

    1. Hi Tim

      I’m sorry to say I can’t help you. I never did find a power lead for my Chinon and I haven’t seen one come up on ebay either so I think they are pretty rare



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