Ricoh GXR A12 50mm black & white pictures

I read an article a few days ago about setting up the Ricoh GXR A12 50mm as a Leica M Monochrom camera replacement and, because it was a dull, gloomy day today when I went for a walk I decided to try out the settings and shoot in black & white. In reality, setting the camera up to act like a Leica Monochrom was as simple as selecting high contrast black & white jpeg and switching to manual exposure mode but I actually set the camera to also produce RAW files and used aperture priority mode instead.

I snapped the 50mm APS-C module in place and captured the following images around Stevenage early this morning.

When I imported the pictures into Lightroom I turned on a preset which kept the images as black & white so I could assess them as black & white (the fact that there were raw images meant that Lightroom would automatically build new preview images in colour). Although the images are not as good technically as a Leica would produce (or as good photographically as a good photographer would produce) it was still an interesting exercise to look at images in black & white for a change.

All post production was carried out in Lightroom CC.

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  1. I like your blog. I’m an user of a Ricoh GXR and, despite its age, know no other camera so fun to use. You should have the viewfinder, as it has high quality and offer great functionalities. Another accessories that I enjoy a lot are the wide angle converter (you need also the tube sold with the lens hood) for the S10 module, giving a 19mm field of view.
    Congratulations and greetings from Spain.

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