Snowshill Manor National Trust pictures

When we stayed in Gloucestershire recently one of the places we visited was Snowshill Manor house which is a national trust property and this post has a collection of photos which I took whilst we were there.

Snowshill Manor Pictures

I actually took two cameras with me on the visit to snowshill – my Pentax K5 DSLR, and a Minolta 505si super 35mm film camera fitted with a standard minolta 28 – 80 kit zoom. Each of the pictures shown here were taken with one of those cameras.

A few of the internal shots were taken with the k5 iso set in the 20000 range, and I’ve included them to show what great results are possible on that camera when taking shots at high iso. The images showing the bicycles and musical instruments were taken in almost dark conditions, but with a bit of noise reduction applied they are still very usable results.

The 35mm shots were developed by Photo Express in Hull and also scanned by them, although following the success I’ve had with home scanned negatives, I may rescan some of my favourite pictures myself later. All the pictures were imported into Lightroom for post processing using the steps I normally take.

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