Some more Ricoh GXR shots

When we recently went to CentreParcs Woburn Forest I took a couple of film cameras along to experiment with film photography again for the first time in many years. On our first day there however, it was difficult to use the film gear because for a lot of the day is was all packed in the car.

I also took my Ricoh GXR along with me, so for those first few hours I used that along with the 28mm APS-C and 50mm APS-C lens units to take pictures. The images featured here are my favourite ones taken during that time with the camera.

The majority of these pictures were taken with one of the camera’s auto exposure modes (mostly Aperture priority, but a couple with Program mode) and using auto focus. I found both modules actually focus with quite reasonable performance considering they are about 5 years old and I had a pretty good hit rate for correctly focused shots. The only aspect of picture taking which I found tricky was seeing the LCD in bright sunlight and I found myself once again wondering who it was who decided that cameras don’t need a viewfinder!

Update: I later purchased the add on viewfinder for this camera and posted my assessment of it here.

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