Favourite pictures – York Minster gate

This is a picture taken outside York Minster of the gates leading into the gardens/grassed area which surround it.

This is another picture which I took using my Tamron 10-24mm f/3.5 super wide angle lens. On our trip to York it turned into a bit of a work horse, being fitted to my camera more often than any other lens I took with me and one of the reasons was because of the great definition, colour and contrast it offers. I really wish I could get a copy of the lens fitted with the Sony E mount because I would then be able to accurately set the aperture! (To explain,  the lens has no aperture ring, it is normally controlled by the camera so on the Sony I use an NEX to pentax K adapter which allows me to stop the lens down but I can only guess the aperture.)

  • Sony Nex 6
  • Tamron 10-24mm f/3.5
  • ISO 160
  • 1/125sec
  • f/22 (approx)
The gate leading to the gardens behind York Minster
The gate at York Minster

2 Replies to “Favourite pictures – York Minster gate”

  1. Hi Simon. A really nice take with a wide angle lens. My only observation is that perhaps the gate entrance could have been a little sharper at the expense of the foreground cobble s being a little less so.
    The lack of vertical distortion is especially noticeable.
    All-in-all, a thoroughly nice image and an inspiration to bag my own through the lenses of my Nikon F80,F801 and my much loved Yashica 230AF or even the Minolta Dynax 505Si Super with 28-80.

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