Photoshop filters – radial blur 2nd attempt

Yesterday I posted a picture which used the Photoshop radial blur filter to create an image which had quite a dramatic look and was noticeably different from the original. I thought the result was quite good but one comment I received was that the effect was not really appropriate for that type of filter. Having thought again about the picture I think the comment was a fair and reasonable one so I thought I would have a go at producing a picture which used the radial blur in a more appropriate way.

This picture is another one of my Daughter Emma but this picture has some motion in and I think does make more appropriate use of this filter, but I have to say that it is easy to see how it is possible to get carried away with Photoshop filters.

Caught at the top of the swing - A picture with a radial blur added by Photoshop

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  1. I think it is great to learn and play and when doing so one is almost always going to take it a bit far at times. However, isn’t all that pushing the boundaries how we learn so much as to what does work and what doesn’t? Thanks for the informative post Simon. MM ????

    1. Thanks for your comment – yes I think that is how we learn and as I’m learning more of what Photoshop can do it also influences what I’m likely to photograph as well. For example, now I’ve found how easy it is to copy sections from one image to another, when I’m next in the situation where I want to take a shot but someone is in the way I’ll just make sure that I have more that one picture which covers the subject I want and it will give me more options later when I post-process.

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