A day trip to Bennington Lordship

Today we decided to take a trip to Bennington Lordship to see the Snowdrops.

It wasn’t a planned trip – we just looked on the website to see when it was open and discovered that today was one of the days when it was open so we decided to go over and see what the snowdrops were like. It’s only about 3 miles away from our house and only takes about 10 minutes to get there, so once we knew it was open it was a  relatively straightforward decision to make.

I packed a small camera bag with my Nex 6, Tamron 90mm macro lens, soligor 28mm f/2.8, takumar 28mm with Camdiox focal reducer and Tamron 10-18mm super wide angle and also took my Nikon F80 because I wanted to try some film shots as well.

When we first got there I took out the F80 first so I could use up the 5 or so pictures I had on the roll in the camera and get a new film loaded. Unfortunately my unfamiliarity with it cost me some photo opportunities because I took the remaining shots but somehow missed the auto rewind which took place. I looked down at the camera and saw that it said ‘E’ on the frame counter and I thought the film hadn’t rewound. After a bit of faffing  about I put the F80 away and used the Nex 6 instead. (Subsequently once I got home I opened the F80 in a changing bag and found the film had rewound in super fast time and everything was fine!)

So I took the majority of the pictures with the Nex 6 and either the Soligor 28mm or the Takumar 28mm with Camdiox. The weather was a bit dull and the snowdrops were not to be honest fully out, but we certainly enjoyed the walk around and getting a bit of air.  We may visit again in a couple of weeks to see if there is more to see – there were the start of some crocuses today so they may look much better in a couple of weeks.

The pictures of Bennington Lordship can be viewed by clicking on the gallery below.

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