Pentax MG 35mm SLR

This post describes another Pentax addition to my Vintage Camera Collection – the Pentax MG.

Pentax MG Images

Pentax MG Description

The MG was an entry level 35mm slr introduced in 1981 and available to purchase until about 1984. It was made in the time period after the introduction of the Olympus OM series and was part of the line up which Pentax introduced in answer to that series of Olympus cameras which made the trend in small SLRs so popular.

I also have a Pentax ME Super, and in many ways this is a cut down version of that camera. It has the same general feel of the ME super, and many of the controls are in the same place on the camera body, but this camera is auto only – there is no way to adjust the shutter speed directly. Because the shutter is electronic the auto exposure would not work without batteries, but there is one mechanical speed of 1/100 available which is also provided for flash sync. The other differences are fairly minimal, the mechanical shutter sync speed is 1/100 rather than 1/125, there is no lock position and no exposure compensation dial.

The viewfinder provides the same information as the ME Super, which is a split screen focusing aid in the middle and the shutter speed the camera has selected picked out by a glowing LED next to the list of available speeds.

My particular example was bought from eBay for £7.71 + £2.80 p&p body only, and seems if good order. There are no real dents or marks on the body, all the lettering is very clear, and all the controls work well. The only thing which I know needs doing is to replace the light seals as the current ones are a gooey mess, but that is hardly surprising for a camera of this age.

In the pictures above I have fitted the f/2 50mm lens from my ME super.

Pentax MG Camera Manual

I’ve recently started to scan the camera manuals for the different cameras I have in my collection and including them in the articles so as well as the linked online manual in the spec below, here is my scan of the Pentax MG Camera Manual.


Pentax MG Specifications

  • Pentax MG 35mm SLR
  • Aperture Priority automatic exposure
  • 1/100sec & B available without batteries
  • Pentax K mount bayonet lens mount
  • Open aperture metering
  • Self timer
  • Shutter speed range 1sec to 1/1000 + B
  • 1/100 sec x flash sync + mechanical shutter
  • X flash sync hot shoe.
  • Aperture priority auto exposure.
  • Powered by 2 SR44 batteries.
  • Motor drive attachment available.
  • Body Ser No: 7267024
  • Manual available on-line here

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