Favourite pictures – Emma waiting with rabbit.

I took this short sequence of pictures while we were on holiday at CenterParcs in Woburn Forest last September and hadn’t really looked at them again since we got home but as I was looking through my Lightroom Library this evening I realised how much I liked them. I took them with my Sony Nex 6 fitted with a telephoto lens. Because we were on holiday in CenterParcs I wasn’t following my usual routine so I can’t be sure of the lens but it was probably my Takumar 135mm f/3.5 M42 mount.

This series of shots were taken while we were waiting to start a GPS ‘treasure hunt’ and Emma was bored waiting.

  • Sony Nex 6
  • Takumar 135mm F/3.5
  • ISO 100
  • 1/200 sec
  • F/5.6?

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