Favourite pictures – Emma the photographer

Small girl sitting on a green bench holding a camera and taking a photograph
Emma the photographer

As I looked through my google plus feed this morning I saw a ‘your year in photos’ post automatically added by google to my feed. When I looked through the sample of pictures in this the one above stood out as one of my better pictures of Emma, so I thought I’d make it the subject of a favourite picture post. This was taken in Bressingham gardens in Norfolk when we were on holiday there earlier in the year. Emma was walking about with her camera snapping lots of different pictures and sat down for a minute in a small garden house. Just as I walked up she raised the camera to take a picture of me and I ‘snapped her first’.

  • Sony Nex 6
  • Soligor C/D 28mm f/2.8
  • 1/60th
  • iso 125

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  1. Good morning Simon

    This is a charming picture and, unlike most childhood pictures, will stand the test of time. In twenty years Emma will love this image and still be showing it off to friends!

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