Favourite pictures – The accordion player

Black & White picture of an accordion player sitting on the bridge in Durham
Accordion player on the bridge in Durham City

This is one of those pictures which starts out as a colour picture which doesn’t really stand out, but once converted to black & white makes more of an impact.

I took this whilst we were on holiday in Durham last year with a Pentax K5 and Sigma 18-125 HSM zoom. We were walking through the town and I saw this man playing and instinctively raised the camera and snapped without any real thought about composition. Later I cropped it in Lightroom and converted it to black & white, and I think that is when it has more impact.

I added a little grain in Lightroom to give it a film look.

  • Pentax K5
  • Sigma 18-125 HSM zoom
  • 125mm
  • f/10
  • 1/250 sec
  • iso 200

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