Miranda D shutter repair – part 2

I believe I finally got to the bottom of the stuck shutter release on my Miranda Dr camera this afternoon so I thought I’d do an update post to show how I got the top cover off, and continue the Miranda D shutter repair series by showing what I believe is the cause of the problem.

Miranda D shutter repair images

The pictures above show the procedure for removing the top plate – apologies for the quality of these, they were shot under a work lamp and with flash as I carried out the dismantling. To see greater clarity use this link which shows the picture in full size.

  • I had to remove the front lens mount cover since this is fitted over the top plate.
  • I removed the 4 screws which hold on the top plate on the side of the camera above the shutter release button, and also prised off the red cover of the frame counter (this will need to be glued on again later)
  • The black cover to the frame advance then unscrews and the frame advance lever pulls off.
  • Unscrew the center of the frame counter using a pair of tweezers or a lens spanner if you have one small enough. This then pulls off.
  • The two shutter speed dials can be removed by unscrewing the three screws which hold them both on.
  • Once these parts are removed the top plate pulls off
  • I refitted the frame advance to enable me to watch the operation as I would and fired the shutter.

What I discovered as I fired the shutter is that the shutter rod which is getting stuck has a spring fitted to the underside of the large cog which it interacts with. This is very difficult to see – I had to look from all angles before I convinced myself that this was the case, but I’m pretty sure there is one because something would need to return the bar. Below is a video of the shutter firing sequence (without actually winding the shutter because I was videoing this single handed).

Miranda D Shutter Repair video

It’s difficult to see this here, but in the video, and the picture above there is a large central cog with a screw in the middle. The shutter bar is pulling down another cog fitted under that cog and beneath that is the spring which should return the shutter rod to it’s normal position. So I think the next thing I need to do is to disassemble this a bit further and see if I can replace or re-tension that spring.

While I had the top plate off the camera I applied a spot of oil to the mechanics just in case the cause of the problem was lack of lubrication, but although the shutter rod only sticks occasionally, it still sticks.

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