Favourite pictures – Emma candid portrait

Emma candid shot taken with a Sony Nex 6 and a Jupiter 8 lens
Emma candid shot

This is a picture which I took almost a year ago when I first got my mirrorless Sony Nex 6 and was experimenting with manual focus lenses. I took it with the Jupiter 8 50mm lens from my Dad’s zorki 4 rangefinder camera. My Daughter Emma was doing some drawing and I snapped this picture whilst I was trying out focus peaking and I just loved the image.

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    1. To be honest Steve I’ve never used it. My Dad bought it new in the 1970’s and gave it to me a couple of years ago and he used to love it. I’m pretty sure it would still work although the rangefinder window is a bit cloudy and dull so it might be a bit difficult to focus.

      1. No worries. I find myself rather intrigued by former Soviet equipment. I have a Zenit E, and all of this stuff striles me as rather clunky and functional. Partof the charm I suppose!

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