Autumn in super wide-angle

When I woke up this morning a couple of thoughts occurred to me. Firstly that I haven’t done enough photography lately. I’ve written several posts lately about 35mm film cameras and repairing, dismantling and cleaning lenses etc, but I haven’t actually been out and taken any photographs for what seemed like ages.

The second thought that occurred was that I don’t use my Tamron 10-24mm super wide angle lens much these days. Since I’ve moved to using the Sony Nex ahead of the pentax K5 for almost all the photography I do, I’ve hardly ever used that lens. In fact I don’t think I’ve ever taken a picture with that lens attached to the Nex body.

With those two thoughts in mind I thought it was high time I spent some time with that lens fitted to my Nex and see what I could find to take pictures of.

Full sized versions of the pictures here.

Using the Tamron 10-24mm on the nex is a bit different than on the Pentax because there is no aperture ring on the lens – the aperture is set elecronically. The K-Mount adapter for the nex doesn’t convey this information, so I needed to set it using the mechanical ring on the adapter which just moves the aperture pin on the lens without any feedback as to the actual setting. Of course being as wide angle as it is, this wasn’t particularly important. The only reason you set the aperture is to get the exposure right since at 10mm almost everything from about 1 meter out is in focus anyway.

The great thing about a super wide angle is that it’s easy to take impactful shots by just getting low and having some foreground interest – all I had to do was make sure any exposure compensation was set and press the shutter!

I post-processed these shots in Lightroom using my usual post-processing techniques.


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