Vintage camera collection – photo's from old cameras

Every now and then, when I buy an old camera to add to my collection, I will find one which still has a film in it. I’ve been saving these up and yesterday I took a few of these films into my local high street photography chain to have them developed and scanned. Today I collected the developed films.

Of the 5 films I took in only 3 had any images on them and most of them were blank. It’s a fact that most of the films found in these circumstances are not completed films but ones forgotten and with only a few exposures made. Also most of the  pictures which had been taken were not very good photographically with poor focus and colour balance, but for some reason there is a real interest in looking at these pictures of people and places that you will never know. You wonder who the people in the picture are and what they did in their lives. It’s also interesting trying to date the pictures from the decoration, furniture and items in the room. For example, the third picture has a CRT television so it was obviously taken before LCD panels became ubiquitous.

I have one other film which I’d misplaced, but I’ve found that now and will get that developed soon. I hope it has better images than these, but whatever they are there will still be that excitement of seeing pictures which no one has seen since the unknown photographer took the pictures all those years ago. Quite a few of these pictures have multiple exposures and because of that I have cropped a couple of the pictures.

Update: Oct 7th.

I took another film in to be developed today and found some much better exposures on this film. I’ve added them to this post.