Central London pictures c1980

I said in a recent post that I remember taking some pictures around central London in the very early 1980’s and I’ve now found the slides and duplicated them. I can’t remember exactly when they were taken but I remember that Margaret Thatcher had only recently become Prime Minister so it must have been pretty early in the 1980’s. I moved from my home town of Fakenham in Norfolk to Harpenden in Hertfordshire in Oct 1978 and I remember that it was a little time after that that I ventured into London to take these pictures.

I specifically remember taking the photographs of 10 Downing St (not that I was a fan of Margaret Thatcher) because it is a contrast to today when you can’t enter Downing street as a member of the public. I think this was a different day to the day I took pictures in London Zoo but since it was about 35 years ago I can’t be certain.

These pictures aren’t particularly interesting from a photographic point of view but I find them immensely interesting from a historical point of view.

The camera used was an Olympus OM-20 with a standard 50mm f/1.4 lens, a Hanimex 28mm f/2.8 and a Hanimax 70-210 zoom.

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  1. Interesting pictures. I love old views like these. Incidentally, a couple of the Westminster/Parliament pics are back to front. Cliff

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